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Goro’s Quest

The story revolves around a simple character Goro, who is seen toiling the fields day in and out. And what happens is that the princess falls in love with him. The story seems to progress gradually but is cut short by the fact that the devil Aku-na sets his sight on the princess. And takes her away. Warns Goro that should he try to rescue the princess, he will be banished from the kingdom.

Goro trains and transforms himself into a warrior, and sets out to rescue the princess. The first voyage is from the jungle which is controlled by Aku-na. magical trees and mushrooms which help him jump over enemies and stun them to collect coins and keep moving forward.


Best adventure game

Jungle Voyage is an adventure and platforming game that takes place in an endless 2-D mysterious, dangerous environment with Goro, Goro traverse environments with an acrobatic double jump to avoid different obstacles with style and collect coins to gain more score, Exploring the whole game won’t be easy so try to get ready before starting Goro’s Journey.
The environment is full of enemies and obstacles to be discovered so try your best to explore it all and reach out to your friends to see who will achieve higher scores.



Games production

Tirthankar Naha and Dennie Liu

Lead programmer-
Ronit Thakur and Tarek M

Character Design-
Sanket D Brahmakshatriya