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GORO’s Quest Starting

Aakatir was formed by an idea that gaming is something which everyone should experience with simplest of devices. We don’t need complicated devices or high- end rigs for playing games.
And the misconception that games are only played by teenagers sitting in a room glued to the screen for hours. Hence the start of a new project that would bring together people just to enjoy the game.
Simple yet elegant. Not much of violence or insanity as that would cause an undesirable effect.
Fudoshin- an unperturbed state of mind, immovable, calm that is what we want to portray from our character Goro.
Books and movies take us to the world we dream of But what about games, they help us live in that world, by controlling the environment.

GORO’s Quest Running

By being a part of the ambience. By controlling our actions we live in a different world. People sometimes escape reality by playing games that keep them in a virtual world.
We wanted games to bring back the old retro style of classic games. Games that would bring about an experience worth remembering, Games that would help us kill boredom. And take a break from the monotonous routine. What started of as a venture to develop a classic side scroller game took a turn towards the end. We finally ended up making a platformer type game.
Founded by the directors, one of whom had a long time sailing the seas and was very impressed by the varied cultures he saw. While the other had the opportunity to study at a management school there at Nagoya.

GORO’s Quest Final Stage

Our first project is that of a peasant undergoing transformation, and becoming a warrior, to rescue his love. Being of the opinion that sea route which was for long used to transport goods, was slowly used for discovery and in came the topic of piracy. So we decided our next game to be that of a pirate story,
Although still unclear as to 2D or 3D and which devices to target specifically, that would be our next project.

Hopefully we can bring together some good gamers who would enjoy the game!


Games production

Tirthankar Naha and Dennie Liu

Lead programmer-
Tarek Mansour

Character Design-
Sanket D Brahmakshatriya