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The idea was to keep some of the classical games in mind and also built upon the retro style of gaming. The story of a simpleton(Goro) who does his work toiling the fields diligently as his profession. The princess Hina who is mesmerized by Goro, and finally confesses her love for him.

All was well, until Aku-na the devil sets his sight on Hina, He uses his power and magic to take away the princess. And warns Goro should he try to rescue the princess, his family will be destroyed.

But as they say, Love can transform you into a warrior, so he trains and transforms. And Finally decides to seek the love of his love- HIna.
Initially what started as a side scroller project , with hand drawn levels, Nine of them and the final tenth was stand and fight, but unfortunately we couldn’t do justification to that. And Goro’s Quest. Had a sequel GQ: Jungle Voyage. So technically this is our second game, as we were very fond of our character Goro.

But as the response wasn’t good enough, so finally we decided to make it a platformer type. This has
Goro travels through the jungles of Aku-na magical kingdom but now his weapon is that of jumping and stunning his enemies, and collecting coins as he progresses.

Simple yet elegant design of the ambience to keep it fun and as well “snacking” type of gameplay.

But like they say -everything that has a beginning must have an end. Hence our project had to be changed towards the stage of completion.

Simple yet elegant design of the ambience to keep it fun and as well “snacking” type of gameplay.

So the first three were to be land , next three water and finally air. And the last was stand and fight boss level.
After every three levels the God was supposed to grant him a sword and special power. Which he would use in the tenth level.

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